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Receptionist: 2nd Shift

Job Number: 


Perform a variety of duties relative to operation of the facility's emergency response notification system, communications and paging systems. Reception duties include direction and information services provided to residents, associates and visitors in a fast paced environment.


ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Additional duties may be assigned as required.


Security Systems:

  • Maintain complete working knowledge and competency in the performance of all emergency procedures/codes. 
  • Respond to, and document all, emergency codes according to facility and departmental policies and procedures. 
  • Responsible for primary and immediate notification of all emergency responders (Fire, Rescue, Nursing, etc.)
  • Responsible for making emergency and general announcements throughout the facility via the public address system.


Facility Calls:

      Performs the functions of a central answering call center for all entities / facilities.


  • Answer all incoming phone calls promptly and politely. 
  • Direct call to the appropriate person for response and/or take full information for messages.
  • Know answering service policies and procedures.
  • Respond to calls in a courteous/helpful manner within a reasonable amount of time, using greeting according to department standard.
  • Maintain confidentiality with each call.
  • Project a professional image at all times.



Register and direct all visitors to appropriate person or location.

  • Be familiar with all areas of the complex and provide accurate directions.
  • Maintain a positive, friendly, and professional relationship with others during phone or in person communications.



  • Page staff, residents and others as directed, projecting a calm and professional image during announcements.
  • Use discretion to keep pages and public address announcements within procedural guidelines.
  • Minimize disturbances of residents as much as possible.
  • Page digital and text pagers.



  • Maintain department records
  • Check accuracy of listings.
  • Maintain organization of records.
  • Perform miscellaneous typing assignments and other duties as assigned.
  • Maintain a work log for all assignments for others according to department standards.



  • Dress appropriately.  Fleece type clothing, sweat wear, knit wears, and/or denim jeans or skirts are not acceptable.
  • Attend mandatory meetings and in service programs provided by the facility.
  • Actively participate in department meetings.
  • Work closely with peers; convey helpful and professional image.  Help peers whenever possible.  Recognize and communicate needed information.
  • Perform duties dependent upon specific shift worked.
  • Cooperate in a helpful manner with other departments and staff.
  • Recognize opportunities and willingly assist other departments, within the parameters of own job and available time.
  • Document pertinent facility incidents/information for possible future reference.
  • Accept and complete assignments as delegated.