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About Us

VMP Healthcare & Community Living has a long history of providing quality of life to a diverse community of people at various stages.

As a team we work in rhythm with one another, listening to our residents and each other to make our care as effective as possible. At the heart and soul of our community is a desire to celebrate the past, make new memories, and create a meaningful community for each of our residents.

Valuing the Past

At VMP we treasure the memories of our residents and look for ways to celebrate them. Understanding someone’s past experiences and what they care about enables us to more fully care for them.

Making New Memories

We also know that aging is simply another opportunity to make new memories. The later stages of life are as precious as any other. At VMP we serve a wide range of needs. Many of our residents are independent and choose VMP because of the active community and resources we offer. Others are in later stages of life and need our full attention in every way. We believe everyone we serve is deserving of new and positive memories.

Meaningful Community

At VMP we believe new relationships can start at any point in life. We see it happen every day amongst a very diverse group of residents and staff. It’s fun watching similarities and even diferences spark new friendships. The rhythm of life that we help create at VMP makes that possible.


We invest in people and technology that enable us to provide a full continuum of care. Each resident and member of VMP has access to holistic treatment, ensuring the best possible outcome for each person. Some of our unique healthcare capabilities include physical therapy, medical services, ventilator units, respiratory therapy, skilled nursing and assisted living. From independent living to end of life, we provide close attention and expert care.

Quality of Life

Allowing our residents to maintain the independence and active freedom they deserve is our priority. Making choices, being physically mobile, eating good food, having fun, being informed; all of these things are crucial to the well-being of our residents and we will go out of our way to make them available.


At VMP our activities have a purpose. Each one plays an important role in the relational, physical or spiritual health of our residents. Sometimes our residents and guests just want to play games and have fun. Other times there’s nothing better than a meaningful and sincere conversation about faith and spirituality. As a Christian based organization we appreciate the full range of our residents’ needs and desires. We are very intentional to provide something for everyone, and we are always happy to offer new activities to reflect the desires and ideas of our residents.

Our People

Our staff is a team, fully dedicated to our residents and each other. We know it's important to recruit the finest talent, and that when we do that our residents benefit the most. Specialists with years of experience are magnified by great cross-functional training and sharing. Residents benefit from the thoughtful planning and harmony exercised by professionals who care about continually improving life at VMP.

Christian Roots

Our Christian roots remind us that everything we do matters more than we can see. Every one of our actions, even the unnoticed ones, have the ability to change the trajectory of someone’s day and maybe their life. We believe that. And we are proud to continue that legacy of humble service that goes back thousands of years and never gets old.

Those values of our Christian faith guide us. First, in the precious celebration of life. From a newborn baby, a child full of hope and dreams, to honoring the long life of people just a few decades older. We are all born just moments apart in the grand scheme of God’s creation, and we celebrate the gift we are to each other.

You're Never Too Old to Play

One of the best things we offer is a playful spirit. We love having fun with our residents and friends. That’s probably one of the most unique things about us. We truly believe you’re never too old to enjoy life. It could be a Brewers game, a contest, a dance party, a volunteer activity or a conversation in the park. Our residents love getting out and doing things. We love making it happen.

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